Setting a schedule (unlimited plan)

This functionality is only available for merchants on our unlimited plan. if you're on the free plan, then you can see how to schedule a single product here.

The main schedules tab lists all the schedules you have set up, summarising the schedule's name, next date/time it is due to run and the repeating schedule. Next to each schedule you also have an edit button to edit the schedule and a link to completely delete it.

You can begin creating a new schedule by clicking the big blue "Add Schedule" button found at the top right of most screens within the app.

When you are on the main schedule screen, you must first enter a name for your schedule:

Next, you will need to select what type of schedule you are creating - publishing & unpublishing or a price change: 

The schedule type you select will determine the options available to you further down the page.

Next you must select the products in your store that you are setting a schedule for. You can create a schedule for multiple products by selecting either a number of collections or individual products. When the schedule runs, all the products in the collection or every product selected will be affected.

Scheduling collections

To schedule collections, simply ensure the "Specific collections" radio button is selected for "Product selection":

Then, click the "Browse collections" button. A popup will appear listing all the collections on your site. You can then select as many as you like. Please note - if a recently added collection is not showing, try searching for it in the search bar.

When you're done, click the "Add" button and these collections will be assigned to your schedule.

If you have selected collections, the products belonging to that collection at the time of running will be scheduled. For example, if you create the schedule for a collection and at the time the collection only has four products in it, and just before the schedule runs you have add another four, all eight products will be scheduled.

Scheduling products

To schedule products, simply ensure the "Specific products" radio button is selected for "Product selection":

Then, click the "Browse products" button. A popup will appear listing all the products on your site. You can then select as many as you like.

Now it's time to select the dates and times for your schedule.

First, select the start date and the state time. It's worth noting that these will be set to the timezone of your store. The timezone of your store is displayed next to the time fields as shown in the screenshots below.

If your event is a one-off, for example - if you're discounting some products but you don't want them to return to the original price. Or, you're unpublishing some products but don't want them to be republished, then you can just leave it there.

If however your event has an end date, for example - if you're publishing some products and then want them to unpublish again at the end of the schedule. Or, you're discounting some prices but want them to return to the original price, then click the "Set end date" checkbox. The options for End date and End time will then appear:

Select your end dates and times just as you did with the start dates and times.

You can now set what the schedule should do! Follow these guides to see how:

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