Setting a schedule (unlimited plan)

To begin setting a schedule, you can either do this from the 'Home' section in the app. Or you can go to the 'schedules' tab. You can then just select 'Create a Schedule'

Step 1; Choose a name for your schedule. Try and use a name that identifies it easily, especially if you will be making multiple schedules.

Step 2; Choose what type of schedule you are creating. The options are shown below. The schedule type you select will determine the options available to you further down the page.

Step 3; Next you must select the products in your store that you are setting a schedule for. You can create a schedule for multiple products by selecting by collection(s) or, by product(s). When the schedule runs, it will be applied to all the products in the collection(s) or every product selected.

Scheduling collections

To schedule collections, simply ensure the "Specific collections" radio button is selected for "Product selection":

You can then select as many as you like. If one of your new collections isn't showing, try searching for it in the search bar.

When you're done, "Add" and these collections will be assigned to your schedule.

The schedule will run against any product in the collection at the time the schedule starts. So, if when you set up the schedule you only had 3 products, but you added another 4 before the schedule began, the schedule would run against all 7 of the products.

Scheduling products

To schedule products, simply ensure the "Specific products" radio button is selected for "Product selection":

Then, click the "Browse products" button. A popup will appear listing all the products on your site. You can then select as many as you like.

Step 4; Choose the dates and times for your schedule

First, select the start date and time. IMPORTANT; this will be set to the timezone of your store. The timezone of your store is displayed above the time you select (shown below)

If your event is a one-off and you do not want the products to return back to their original state, do not set an end date. For example, you're discounting some products but you don't want them to return to the original price. Or, you're unpublishing some products but don't want them to be republished.

If you would like your products or collections to return to their original state, you must set an end date. For example - if you're publishing some products and then want them to unpublish again at the end of the schedule. Or, you're discounting some prices but want them to return to the original price. All you need to do is click "Set end date" and the options for End date time will then appear:

You can now set what the schedule should do! Follow these guides to see how:

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