Setting active dates for a schedule

First, select the start date and time:

If your event is a one-off and you do not want the products to return back to their original state, do not set an end date. For example, you're discounting some products but you don't want them to return to the original price. Or, you're unpublishing some products but don't want them to be republished.


Times will be set to the time zone of your store. The time zone of your store is displayed above the time you select.

If you need to update the time zone of your store, please see this guide.

If you would like your products or collections to return to their original state, you must set an end date. For example - if you're publishing some products and then want them to unpublish again at the end of the schedule. Or, you're discounting some prices but want them to return to the original price. All you need to do is click "Set end date" and the options for End date time will then appear:

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