Set a range of products to only be available at weekends

Sometimes you might want certain products to only be available at the weekend. This tutorial shows you how to set this up.

The first thing you will want to do is to make sure the products are unavailable on your online store. This is especially true if it's not yet the weekend!

The easiest way to do this is to find all the products in Shopify's admin. If all the products belong to the same collection, you could simply filter by collection.

Once you've got all your products there in Shopify's admin, select them all, click "More actions" and then "Remove available channel(s)...". Make sure "Online store" is selected. Click the green "Make products unavailable" button.

Now your products should be unavailable to purchase from your online store and we're ready to set up our schedule.

Head in to the Auto Schedule app and click the button to create a schedule.

Give your schedule a name and ensure "Publishing & unpublishing" is selected.

Select which products you would like to schedule for the weekend. For this example, we're selecting all the products in the Sponges collection.

Set the start date and time to when you would like your products to be available this coming weekend. Then, click "Set end date" and set the end date and time to be when you would like the products to be made unavailable again.

For the next two sections, you can keep them set as they're set as default.

And lastly, for the repeating options, select "Weekly from Saturday to Sunday".

Click save and you're all done!

Let's quickly recap what we've done here...

Firstly, we've unpublished our chosen products from the online store using Shopify's standard interface.

Next, we've created a new schedule and selected these same products. In our case, we selected them by collection.

We then set the start date and time to be at the start of this Saturday and the end date and time to be at the end of this Sunday.

We kept the publishing options as default - these are generally the best option in most cases.

And lastly and crucially, we set the repeating option to "Weekly from Saturday to Sunday" to make sure our new schedule repeats every single weekend.

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