General overview

The main dashboard is now split in to five handy tabs:


The home screen is designed to be your main launchpad in to common tasks such as setting up or managing your schedules, as well as giving links to the various support options. Additionally, it tells you what's new with the app.


Schedules is where you can view all your current schedules, or create a new one. You can edit a schedule by clicking the "Edit Schedule" button next to the schedule you wish to edit, and you can delete a schedule by clicking the "Delete Schedule" link. The Schedule screen is only currently available on our Unlimited plan.


The products tab is where you can search for products and see the status of each of your products at a glance. You can then access and edit the product’s schedule by clicking the “Edit schedule” button next to the product.

You can search for products using the handy search bar. Simply enter the name of the product you wish to find and it will be filtered in the list. Show all the products again by removing the search term from the search bar.

To move between pages of results, use the previous and next arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

For each product row, you will see it shows a “Publish at” date and time, and a “Remove at” date and time. These are the dates and times the product is next scheduled to be published and removed.

You will also notice that we show a “Status” for each product. Each product will have one of the following statuses:

Published - the product is available on the online store

Unpublished - the product has been removed from the online store

Each product can also have one or both of the following statuses:

Scheduled to be published - the product is scheduled to be published at some point in the future

Scheduled to be unpublished - the product is scheduled to be unpublished at some point in the future


The history tab is very useful for viewing your previous schedules that have run. It tells you exactly what the action was and to which products it was applied. If you're not sure why or how a products publish status or price has been changed - this should be your first port of call.


This tab simply lists out new features we have released for the app or indeed anything else you might find useful.

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